Improving The Quality Of My Jigsaw Puzzles | OddGoods

Improving The Quality Of My Jigsaw Puzzles

I've gotten a terrific response to my artwork, which is both wonderful and affirming. I've also received valuable feedback that made it clear that the quality of my puzzles needs to be significantly improved for my puzzles to pass muster with true puzzle fanatics. Rest assured that I've listened.

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Art "Tips" by OddGoods | OddGoods

Art "Tips" by OddGoods

Get ready for the training you've all been unconsciously wishing for—Quick, simple, easy-to-remember art tips and techniques that you can apply imm...

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4 New Color Mugs | OddGoods

4 New Color Mugs

These striking, ceramic mugs will brighten up your morning caffeine injection. Four new designs featuring the Cross River Gorilla, Narwhal, Red-Kne...

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