Reflecting on OddGoods 2022 - OddGoods

Reflecting on OddGoods 2022

2022 sucked, mostly. After losing my job in 2021, my income dropped 90% and OddGoods sales did precious little to bridge the gap. My total income for 2002 registered well below the poverty level ... Yet, I'm still smiling.

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This Is Why I Create Things - OddGoods

This Is Why I Create Things

Last weekend, I was vending at the Fremont Winter Market when a woman and her daughter walked over to my tent and stopped in front of my display of...

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New E is for Endangered Coloring Books for Kids! - OddGoods

New E is for Endangered Coloring Books for Kids!

I'm thrilled to release my first official coloring books for kids in my E is for Endangered series of products! At 64 pages, each book contains 30 animals for coloring and 30 pages of educational content to help kids learn about these amazing animals. 

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Damaged Puzzle (Box) Sale - OddGoods

Damaged Puzzle (Box) Sale

If you're looking to save a few dollars and don't care if your puzzle is stored in a box, I've got a handful of damaged puzzles available at 50% off retail price. 

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OddGoods First Market! - OddGoods

OddGoods First Market!

My inaugural in-person sales event at Fremont Sunday Market this past Sunday was the perfect Seattle experience: Rain, lots of rain. Nonetheless, I...

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Reflecting on OddGoods 2021

When I launched OddGoods back in March of 2021, I had high hopes and dreams of building a business that would grow from my pencil into a sustainable livelihood. I didn't expect miracles.

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