Puzzle Deals All Month | OddGoods

Puzzle Deals All Month

Keeping it simple this holiday season with weekly discounts—Buy early and save more! Prices go back up in December. Get on the puzzle deals** while...

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New Flat Rate Shipping Option | OddGoods

New Flat Rate Shipping Option

Does the cost of shipping cause you to rethink your purchase? In an effort to make my puzzles more "affordable", I've decided to offer a flat rate ...

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Paddling with Bald Eagles | OddGoods

Paddling with Bald Eagles

Among the joys of living in Seattle is the proximity of the "outdoors" and it very often rewards you with amazing sights in places you least expect...

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International Shipping Rates Corrected | OddGoods

International Shipping Rates Corrected

In one of those moments when a lengthy string of curse words is the only reasonable response to a boneheaded mistake, I am pleased to announce that international shipping rates are now accurate.

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What Makes A Puzzle Difficult? | OddGoods

What Makes A Puzzle Difficult?

Lines, shapes, piece shape, pattern, and color are the foundational elements that determine the difficulty of a jigsaw puzzle. Why are black and white puzzles so dang scary?

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