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Burton Does Not Stop: Sneaking A Peek At 2021

Burton Does Not Stop: Sneaking A Peek At 2021

After a challenging first five months, I've arrived at a decision that will have a bigly positive impact on OddGoods for 2021. My goal is to free up more time for me to create art instead of managing a growing store filled with products that I'm not passionate about. 

In the coming weeks, I will be dropping all of the current apparel products and totes from my store and refocusing on what OddGoods is all about: My art.

A single screen-printed t-shirt caused me to pull the emergency brake and reconsider OddGoods current trajectory. A client recently sent me a sample t-shirt printed with one of my illustrations and the quality of the print was jaw-dropping. I had already been having misgivings about the quality of the print products being created by my supplier. My first instinct was to reach out to some of my customers and asked them to share their opinions about apparel products they had purchased from my store last month. I'd already made up my mind, but I wanted to know if any of them would reinforce my decision ... It didn't take long.

"It's not up to your usual standards."

That's all I needed to hear. Seven words.

My supplier of choice for the past five years has been a print-on-demand company called Printful. While they do a fine job for most people (and dominate the small business t-shirt industry), their print quality is simply not up to my standards, not even close. I'm not most people, I'm an artist, and I cannot sell apparel with mediocre print quality.

As a result, I will be investing in equipment to print t-shirts and totes in-house where I can control the process from beginning to end, including packaging. This means that my collections of printed apparel and accessories products will shrink dramatically, but the quality will be far superior to what can be done through an app. It will all be manufactured by my hands, with love and perfection, for you.

What does this all mean for OddGoods? Not much, really. It will simplify my product offerings and hopefully make everything gel a lot more organically. I'd begun to feel as though the concept of OddGoods was getting away from me. Too many ideas. Simplifying my product offering will help reign in my ambitions and help my customers understand what I'm (OddGoods) all about. At least, that's the idea.

I will be focusing on designing completely unique puzzles, continue to produce art/educational products for E is for Endangered, and make lots of cool stickers—art stuff. 

Because Burton does not stop.

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