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New Flat Rate Shipping Option

New Flat Rate Shipping Option

Does the cost of shipping cause you to rethink your purchase? In an effort to make my puzzles more "affordable", I've decided to offer a flat rate that gifts an additional 25% OFF** the cost of orders. 

Flat rate begins at $8.50. If you order three puzzles, the rate drops to $6.00 per puzzle. Spend over $60 and you get free shipping. 

** Please understand that the only way I can reduce the cost of shipping for you is to pay a portion of your shipping fee out of my own pocket. Which means that "free" shipping is paid for entirely out of my own pocket. 

There are no secret workarounds to lower the cost of shipping. Period. 

The best way you can support a small business is to pay for your shipping costs. But I'll take a sale over an abandoned cart any day.

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