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Join the Imperfect Challenge and win prizes!

Join the Imperfect Challenge and win prizes!

Win up to $10 OFF and a free puzzle tote bag when you play the Imperfect Challenge! 

That's right folks, I'm offering my first run Heart Farts puzzle at a steeply discounted rate AND giving you the chance to win discounts on future purchases along with a prize. I'd call this a win-win, if there ever was one.

You may ask, "what do you mean by 'Imperfect'?" Well, the puzzle is the same fantastic quality , same wonderful art, and same heavy-duty box as my other puzzles ... There's literally no difference in terms of materials or build. I'm calling these "imperfect" because there are a handful of small mistakes that occurred during printing that you probably would never even notice. 

Hence, a discounted puzzle and a contest seemed to me to be the best solution. 

What have you got to lose? Literally, nothing.

Learn more about the Imperfect Challenge >>

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