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KeepPuzzling is the Grand Prize Winner!

KeepPuzzling is the Grand Prize Winner!

My Holiday 2021 giveaway was a success! I mean, seriously though, when free puzzles are involved, there's not much of a chance of failure. This year, my grand prize included all three puzzles from my second collection (Curio, PNW, and Heart Farts) AND the giveaway was open to everyone around the world. 

This will probably be my last total entries giveaway. In the future, I'll be creating giveaways and contests that give everyone an equal chance of winning. That being said, the randomizer I used to choose to winner didn't select any of the people who bombarded this giveaway with entries. Your participation is appreciated more than you know—The only way I've been able to increase my visibility is with these giveaways.

Thank you.

Without further babbling ... 

There were a total of:

  • 73entrants
  • 299 entries

Your odds were really good!

The Grand Prize winner is @keeppuzzling (France)!!

I've chosen three additional winners because you should probably still enter my contests regardless of how many entries you get.

 Each runner-up will receive ONE puzzle chosen at random from my new collection.

Three runner-ups are:

  1. Out of 299 entries: @justacoupleofpuzzlingnerds (New York)
  2. Out of 73 entrants: @anitachenym (Malaysia)
  3. My choice: @nuthatch_puzzle (Poland)

Congratulations to everyone and Happy Holidays!


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