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Paddling with Bald Eagles

Paddling with Bald Eagles

Among the joys of living in Seattle is the proximity of the "outdoors" and it very often rewards you with amazing sights in places you least expect. This wasn't one of those times, but each time I find myself in awe.

I spend a lot of time paddling the waters between Lake Union through the shipping canals to Lake Washington. If you turn right, this freshwater lake system begins in the heart of the city and extends out to the Eastern suburbs across Lake Washington. If you turn left, you'll paddle toward the Puget Sound through the Ballard shipping canal. On any given day, there is always a lot of boat and ship traffic, sea plane activity, runabouts, sail boats, floating hot tubs, electric rentals, and those of us who prefer muscle-powered watercraft enjoying the water and views of the city. It's just beautiful.

One thing you can always count on if you paddle East toward Lake Washington, in the shadow of UW Stadium, is seeing a bald eagle soaring above Union Bay or perching in the trees along Marsh Island or the Foster Point picnic area.

This, however, was special day—I was thrilled to see not one, but three bald eagles. One huge eagle was sitting in a tree on Foster Point patiently waiting for a fish to get too comfortable near the surface of the water, while two more adult eagles were dive bombing a flotilla of Canadian geese out in the bay, swooping in and out for nearly fifteen minutes trying to snag a careless gosling for lunch. The photo of the eagles above was taking after they'd given up their attack and retreated to a favorite perch on the eastern point of Marsh Island. 

There are actually four bald eagles who can be seen daily in this area—Both pairs nest nearby. You can read more about them here.

View East toward Lake Washginton and the Cascade Mountains.

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