When Will OddGoods Puzzles Be In Stock?

When Will OddGoods Puzzles Be In Stock?

As noted on their respective product pages, the availability of my first collection of puzzles is estimated. They are currently in production and I am awaiting an update when I can expect the freight shipment to arrive at my warehouse (doorstep). 

Original estimate for delivery was mid to late February, 2021. 
At this time, I've updated the anticipated delivery to March simply because I expect delays due ongoing pandemic measures.

Please note that Pre-Orders will be given top priority and packed and shipped to customers as soon as I can coerce my support staff (me) to bust out the packing tape.

I greatly appreciate your support and patience. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Update 1.22.21
Production wrapped today! If all goes well, I should be expecting a big freight delivery between Feb 15-20.

Update 2.16.21
Please read Puzzle Odyssey: When Plans Go Sideways

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