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Puzzle Odyssey: When Plans Go Sideways

Puzzle Odyssey: When Plans Go Sideways

The excitement I felt a few weeks ago as the impending launch of my puzzle business approached has all but vanished. I'm waving a makeshift white flag in complete exasperation.

Where to begin? Allow me to start from the end...

Update 2.18.21
Turns out my shipment wasn't shipped to Dallas after all. The freight forwarder mixed up the tracking numbers and sent my supplier the incorrect tracking information. My shipment is still en route, somewhere. Do I have dates? Nah, that would be silly. 

Not exactly confidence inspiring.

Update 2.16.21
My puzzle shipment was delivered yesterday ... to Dallas, Texas. I live in Seattle. My address is on the freight manifest. How it got diverted to its final destination in Dallas is anyone's guess. The best part is, I can't intercept the shipment, only the shipper can do that and the freight forwarder is currently out of the office. So I wait while the universe giggles.

Update 2.12.21
Last week, I physically felt the anticipation that had been mounting for five months leave my body in one great expulsion. "Poof," gone. Why? I had advanced copies of my puzzles sent to me ahead of the mass shipment for the purpose of taking new photos for my marketing efforts. What I didn't expect to find in my quality control were egregious printing errors, but that's exactly what I found.

I wish this wasn't the case, but I can't release products that don't match the layout I approved for manufacture and paid for. This sucks hard. It feels like the moment after you fill a balloon up with air and lose your grip while attempting to tie the end in a knot and the balloon goes Ppfffffffpphphthtff off into the distance. I have no idea how after meticulously setting up and approving a design template as well as approving a preproduction sample that the process broke down when the mass got to press. I'm trying to determine what I can and can't live with and how to minimize waste.

I'm in the process of working through these challenges and will share updates with you as soon as I have concrete answers. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and unavoidable delays.

For those of you who preordered, if you would like a refund, please contact me and I will process your refund immediately. Otherwise, I appreciate your patience.

If you happen to see a UPS driver in Texas looking for OddGoods, please send him or her my way. I'd like to get the one good set. 



  • Well that’s no good. I am truly sorry you are having so many problems getting your puzzles out to the world. Maybe you need to look at this as 2020 2.0 and trust things will get better soon?? Or maybe imagine the delivery driver got lost in the really big snow-ice-cold-weird-weather system that has taken hold of most of the country. Pretend the space lasers messed with the printing press! Upside down world has to end sometime. Right? Really I am very sorry. Keep that positivity going! I am quite content being patient waiting for my puzzle. Some things are just out of our control. I hope you resolve things to your satisfaction soon.

    Lisa Michels on

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