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Reflecting on OddGoods 2022

Reflecting on OddGoods 2022

2022 sucked, mostly. 

I never thought it would be this hard, but I haven't come within a light year of meeting even my lowest estimates for every facet of my business as I approach then end of my second year as an artist-come-retailer. Really, nothing more needs to be said, it's been that dismal. How dismal, you ask? My bookkeeper is buying lottery tickets for me.

The only bright spot was my decision to start selling in-person locally. It hasn't helped grow my social media presence much (if at all), sales have remained stubbornly stagnant, and it's only barely increased my brand's exposure, but I really enjoy meeting people and introducing myself and my work to new faces. Never in a million years did I think I'd enjoy being a salesperson. I still kinda suck at it, I am an introverted artist after all and promoting myself just isn't in my genes. It's fun for me and given how abysmally little product I sold online this past year, my future as a professional vendor looks pretty darn good (if for no other reason than I still have the best tent by cosmic mile).

Among my favorite moments:

  • My first sale.
  • A familiar customer walked into my tent during December and said, "I looked for you last week, but you weren't here, so I came back because I had to get your coloring books!"
  • An employee of Fremont Market told after an event that she had been asking random marketgoers what their favorite part of the market that day. One couple said, "Oh, the puzzles! That was a real surprise!"
  • A mom who walked past once, then returned with her three boys. "Ok boys, you can each pick out one thing." 
  • A little girl and her coloring book.
  • Every single person who laughed when they read "farts" as they walked by and pointed it out to their friends. 
  • Every smile.

OddGoods will be turning up more regularly around town during 2023 and, with a heap loads of luck, I may actually be able to release some new products. Onward!

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