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Supporting Educators and Endangered Animals

Supporting Educators and Endangered Animals

Back in early March, I was contacted by an educator who specializes in teaching elementary-level homeschool kids from around the world remotely and wanted to know if I would grant her permission to use my E is for Endangered coloring sheets in a class she was creating to help her students learn more about endangered animals. Since then, I’ve been working with her to provide materials to aid her class, including donating a big box of my first generation animal puzzles to give to her students as raffle prizes. 

"I am so grateful to have discovered E is for Endangered. The coloring sheets have been an invaluable resource to keep my students engaged while learning about endangered animals in a fun way. My students look forward to our time each week to learn about a new animal. They are learning science, geography, vocabulary and life skills like logic through problem solving and causation. My students now consciously think about ways to help save wildlife. Thank you so much for creating this!"

~Marsha R. Kennedy
International Elementary Homeschool Teacher

My hope and plan for the future is to continue developing products that will aid educators in their efforts to teach their students about wildlife and wildlife conservation. I truly believe that engagement in creative activities is a critical component in raising awareness and fostering empathy for endangered animals around the world and there is no better way to do this than through coloring and puzzling.

I would love to see E is for Endangered grow into something truly unique and beneficial for both students and animals alike. If you are an educator or know an educator who teaches about animals and wants to incorporate creative options into their classes, please point them in my direction. I'd love to talk about possibilities. 

I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Marsha, her immensely talented daughter, and her students through E is for Endangered. Thank you for reaching out:) 

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Marsha Kennedy, international elementary homeschool teacher

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