This Is Why I Create Things - OddGoods

This Is Why I Create Things

Last weekend, I was vending at the Fremont Winter Market when a woman and her daughter walked over to my tent and stopped in front of my display of...

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Paddling with Bald Eagles - OddGoods

Paddling with Bald Eagles

Among the joys of living in Seattle is the proximity of the "outdoors" and it very often rewards you with amazing sights in places you least expect...

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What Makes A Puzzle Difficult? - OddGoods

What Makes A Puzzle Difficult?

Lines, shapes, piece shape, pattern, and color are the foundational elements that determine the difficulty of a jigsaw puzzle. Why are black and white puzzles so dang scary?

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My Puzzle Story, Part 1: Pulling The Trigger - OddGoods

My Puzzle Story, Part 1: Pulling The Trigger

Mistakes happen in design and sometimes those mistakes are only discovered after your project has been printed. This nail-biter is about my near-miss nightmare scenario that occurred during my first ever mass production puzzle run.

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Chickadees - OddGoods


My landlord is in the process of replacing all the windows in my unit. Within a few days of the second floor windows being replaced, I began to hea...

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The Parking Lot Raven - OddGoods

The Parking Lot Raven

Every winter, I set off on a road trip with a single purpose: to chase snow. The winter of 2019/20 was a particularly memorable one because my fath...

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