OddGoods First Market! - OddGoods

OddGoods First Market!

My inaugural in-person sales event at Fremont Sunday Market this past Sunday was the perfect Seattle experience: Rain, lots of rain. Nonetheless, I...

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Reflecting on OddGoods 2021

When I launched OddGoods back in March of 2021, I had high hopes and dreams of building a business that would grow from my pencil into a sustainable livelihood. I didn't expect miracles.

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Puzzle Deals All Month - OddGoods

Puzzle Deals All Month

Keeping it simple this holiday season with weekly discounts—Buy early and save more! Prices go back up in December. Get on the puzzle deals** while...

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New Flat Rate Shipping Option - OddGoods

New Flat Rate Shipping Option

Does the cost of shipping cause you to rethink your purchase? In an effort to make my puzzles more "affordable", I've decided to offer a flat rate ...

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International Shipping Rates Corrected - OddGoods

International Shipping Rates Corrected

In one of those moments when a lengthy string of curse words is the only reasonable response to a boneheaded mistake, I am pleased to announce that international shipping rates are now accurate.

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Puzzles Are Finally In Stock! - OddGoods

Puzzles Are Finally In Stock!

A few days ago, a UPS truck pulled up to my building without any fanfare packed floor to ceiling with 64 boxes labeled "puzzles". I snapped the pho...

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