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The PNW In 1,000 Glorious Pieces

The PNW In 1,000 Glorious Pieces

Brand new to OddGoods puzzle line up is my ode to the magnificent region in which I live, the Pacific Northwest. My PNW puzzle features an assortment of curiosities peculiar to Washington, Oregon, and British Colombia! 

Join Hopsy Sasquatch, Bob the Orca, Arvid and Louise Salmon, Pickle the Otter, Caddy the Cadborosaurus, Donald the Geoduck, Rubbie the Ducky in 1,000 pieces of sublime fun.

I've worked hard to create this puzzle and it only makes sense that the quality is on par with the artwork. The puzzle comes in a box with a whole bunch of pieces, a poster, and a canvas logo bag.

Add it to your collection today!

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