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This Is Why I Create Things

This Is Why I Create Things

Last weekend, I was vending at the Fremont Winter Market when a woman and her daughter walked over to my tent and stopped in front of my display of coloring books. I couldn't hear their conversation, but I watched as mom bent over, pointed at my coloring books, and gestured to her daughter. I suspect the conversation went something like, "Look honey, animals! Would you like a coloring book of animals? You love coloring!"

The little girl was somewhere in age between five and seven and was very timidly responding to her mom's questions without seeming to answer whether or not she actually wanted one of the coloring books. After a few minutes, mom stood up, thought for moment, flipped through both books, put one back, then turned to me and said, "I'll take this one, please." Once the transaction completed, she turned to her daughter and handed her the book. As they walked away, I watched the little girl grasp the book to her chest with both arms, her face light up like a Christmas tree, and an excited grin spread across her face. She did a pirouette and bounced off behind her mom through a crowd of people. 

That little girl is why I create.

OddGoods is very long way from breaking even, let alone turning a profit, but I've always said that I would be very happy if my work had an impact on just one person. Who knows, maybe that little girl will grow up to be a wildlife biologist or an artist, but her smile made my day.

Note: The mother and daughter in the photo are a different mom and daughter (my official photographer missed that photo.)

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