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What Happened To The Coloring Book?

What Happened To The Coloring Book?

It's not dead.

I put the finishing touches on E is for Endangered: The ABCs of Endangered Species Coloring Book in early January of 2019. Twelve months and change later, I've had no luck finding an agent or publisher interested in taking the book or an unknown artist on.

I knew getting the coloring book published would be an arduous uphill battle. I remain undaunted—This is too important a book and topic. Nevertheless, despite the potential for the book and the project, my best bet for getting the coloring book into the hands of eager colorists will likely be to self-publish (which presents another mountain of problems to solve). And in order to make that happen, I will have to raise a king's ransom to pay for a press run. I have a printer. I don't currently have the means. 

To that end, I've spent the past five months devising a plan, restructuring how I plan to do business, and saving the funds needed to bring other related E is for Endangered ideas to market that don't require such a large upfront investment. My hope is that I will eventually be able to fund the printing of the coloring book through the sale of an assortment of products.

In the meantime, I'll keep submitting the manuscript and see what happens. One never knows.

Why not Kickstarter?

After one failed attempt, I learned a lot of lessons about the platform that convinced me that a second attempt is simply not worth the effort. I don't believe it's a viable way to launch a sustainable business**. I'd rather do this on my own.

**Translation: I have a far more blunt assessment of Kickstarter.

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