Beautiful Birds Big 28"x40" Coloring Poster


You may not be able to see any of these birds in your backyard, but you can make them come alive by creating your own masterpiece by spending hours and hours coloring the Beautiful Birds Big Coloring Poster.

A perfect activity or gift for days indoors, families, classrooms, activity groups, senior centers, hobbyists, aspiring artists and zoologists, and any table or space large enough to lay the poster down to color when you need to occupy your kids or yourself.

  • Great for all ages, but ideal for detail oriented colorists
  • Each poster measures 28"x40"
  • Remove "educational" key portion at bottom for framing
  • Premium 100lb weight paper
  • Perfect for water-based markers, crayons, and color pencils
  • EarthChoice and Rainforest Alliance Certified™
  • Acid-free for archival quality
  • Posters are lightly folded for shipping

Customer Reviews

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Todd Bemis
So much more than a poster!

As the dad to two hyper-creative children, I was looking for something to keep them entertained for a bit. This poster provided a ton more than mere entertainment.

First of all, the heavy paper and print quality are absolutely top-notch. Every detail is captured in laser-perfect clarity on this HUGE print.
Secondly, the density of the illustration kept my kids researching and coloring (and even making up character names for the birds) for hours and hours. They'd find the note on the bird species and go online to study it. Then they'd take an image and reproduce the colorations on the poster.

It really is a great way to sneak in some science to a play time activity. Bravo, Oddgoods! This thing rocks.

This brings a huge smile to my face! Thank you! I'd love to see the finished piece when your kids finish coloring the poster.