Zach coloring the Crazy Cool Cats giant coloring poster

Why should kids color?

• Learn about endangered animals
• Improve drawing skills
• Uncle Bob says, "Coloring makes kids smarter"
• Improves hand-eye coordination
• Reduce screen time
• Hours of engaging activity
• Post cool stuff on social media
• Perfect for a homeschool art project
• (mom) Enjoy some quiet time
• Support conservation efforts with a pencil
• Smile more

Hello parents and educators!

There are few things more enjoyable than creating products that bridge the gaps between art, education, and enjoyment—to create things that cause people to slow down and smile, even learn. I firmly believe that the arts are a critical ingredient for the development of every child, whether they grow up to become a rocket scientist, ER doctor, nurse, salesman, plumber, or a struggling artist.

Coloring is an ideal passive means of introducing kids and adults alike to the world of art and creativity through hands-on activity—The strongest connections are made through experience.

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