What Makes An OddGoods Puzzle Unique?

My brain, my interests, and my passions. If you want to know who I am, just look at my art. Everything you could ever want to know about me is in the lines, shapes, and colors of my creations. Hopefully, something in my art will touch you. Whether an image elicits an emotion, provides a moment of clarity, or just "looks cool", my goal is to give you reason to smile, question, even learn ... And provide you with a frameable piece of art. 

“I drew every one of these lines ... @*%# this is hard!” ~me

Why is OddGoods Different?

Pretty simple, really. OddGoods is one of the precious few puzzle companies that is owned and operated by the artist who creates the most important element of the puzzle: the art. And there is only one me—OddGoods puzzles are made by a lone, greying illustrator who draws every puzzle image by hand.

When you purchase an OddGoods puzzle, 95% of the profits supports the artist. 5% benefits his passion: animals.

Collection 1: E is for Endangered

I spent three years and over one thousand two hundred hours drawing the artwork and designing the book for my project E is for Endangered. My original intent was to publish a coloring book ... A pile of rejections turned into a spectacular set of jigsaw puzzles. 

Can I color the black & white puzzles?

Admire The Art

These puzzles are works of art. Whether you decide to break it up after putting it together or get out the craft glue and preserve this puzzle for posterity, these puzzles are a joy to behold, even if a glass of wine is required to put one together. 

Say hi to the artist, me.

I work too hard, eat too many pickles, spend too much time dreaming about snow, and cater to the incessant demands of a few very ill-mannered and aggressive Anna's hummingbirds that frequent my feeders year-round. Hi, I'm Paul.

Please say hello. I'm always an email, text, or message away. I'd love to make your puzzling acquaintance.

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