About the guy holding the pencil.

Paul (OddGoods) as a cute young lad

Who is this "Paul" fellow?

That's me to the right. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's clearly a ploy to get the "awe, so cute" vote but, c'mon, that's an adorable laddie! By the time this photo was taken, I was already obsessed with lefsa, Spam/onion/cheese sammies, pickles, and National Geographic Magazine and began to harness my budding super power: Drawing. 

I have no idea if these things are in any way related.

Big Marine lake at sunrise

I would rather be outdoors.

This is where I grew up (on the weekends)—A large lake about forty minutes east of St. Paul, MN. named Big Marine Lake. I spent my youth listening to loons call at dusk, watching birds jostle for position on feeders outside the kitchen window, and being pulled behind a boat at high speed while carving arcs across the surface. 

Without this place, there is literally no me.

Amazing close-up of common loon on big marine lake

I adore animals.

Animals occupy a place of indescribable reverence in my life.

From puffins on Machias Seal Island to grizzlies on the Primrose Trail in Denali National Park to skiing past moose at Jackson Hole Resort to the thrill of seeing humpback whales breach in Puerto Vallarta to watching my neighborhood Anna's hummingbirds feed every day ... I ♥ animals.

Stacks of Paul's BoyHowdy pickles in jars

I make a craaazy-good pickle.

You have no idea. Every year, during pickling cucumber season, my mom flies out to help me jar the best pickle you've never tasted: my Boyhowdy Brand Dill Pickles.

My favorite word?

Let's just say that it's easy to rhyme.

My favorite artist?

Edward Gorey

Paul carving turns at Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Skiing. Is. Life.

When I'm not hunched over my drawing table, you can typically find me ripping down a mountainside somewhere.

It's difficult to find a professional photographer when it's eighteen degrees outside, so I make do with the results.

Paul at his drawing table working on a rhino for E is for Endangered

This is me. This is OddGoods.

I've been hatching away at this life for twenty-five years now and I often tell people in jest that pursuing a career in the arts was the silliest decision I've ever made because it just never gets easier. 

I didn't choose this life, it chose me, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Welcome to my odd world.