Why Puzzles?

Puzzles are the perfect marriage of art, experience, and accessibility.
I don't have an inspired story about how I came to design puzzles. My entire artistic journey can be summed up in one sentence, "how can I fund this [idea]?" The answer has typically been, "I can't." Manufacturing is prohibitively expensive and requires a steely comfort with risk. It's a risk I've only had the means to take three times in over two decades as an independent artist and small business owner. Creating my own puzzles never seemed within the realm of possibility. 

I am passionate about creating products that bridge the gaps between art, education, and enjoyment—to create things that cause people to slow down and smile, even learn. I firmly believe that the arts are a critical ingredient for the development of every child, whether they grow up to become a scientist, doctor, salesman, or an illustrator. Puzzles are an ideal passive means of introducing kids and adults alike to the world of art and creativity. For me personally, puzzles are an escape from stress.

They also represent a chance for me to make good on a promise I made to myself decades ago: to find a way to use my art to help support wildlife conservation efforts—for the first time, this goal is more than a glimmer on the horizon.

All of my puzzle art was drawn by my hands, from my imagination, fueled by my passions, and produced by an anal-retentive, perfectionist demon who sits on my shoulder making sure I don't cut any corners.

When you purchase an OddGoods Puzzle, 100% of the profits benefit the artist

Animals puzzle box beauty shot on weathered deck

Welcome to my world, piece by piece.

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