“As a wildlife artist and naturalist, I encourage people to get to know the names of other species. E is for Endangered focuses on those species we might lose in our lifetime. Coloring helps you enter a meditative state; the text that accompanies the drawings encourages people to think about species they may never have encountered before. If we get to know them, we can appreciate their place in our world, then work to protect them and their habitats.”

~ (Famed Wildlife Artist) Robert Bateman, www.batemanfoundation.org

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My goal with E is for Endangered is to develop products that will introduce kids to a world of amazing creatures through art and hands-on activities that will help promote empathy and increase their knowledge of these magnificent creatures.

In addition, 5% of all OddGoods sales is donated to organtizations on the front lines of wildlife conservation.

Educator Marsha Kennedy holding puzzles donated by OddGoods for her classroom

OddGoods Supports Educators

I am so grateful to have discovered E is for Endangered. The coloring sheets have been an invaluable resource to keep 
my students engaged while learning about endangered animals in a fun way. My students look forward to our time each week to learn about a new animal. They are learning science, geography, vocabulary and  life skills like logic through problem solving and causation. My students now consciously think about ways to help save wildlife. 

Thank you so much for creating this!

~ Marsha R. Kennedy
International Elementary Homeschool Teacher

OddGoods Giant coloring poster set: Birds, Big Cats, and Marine life


Get out your colored pencils, crayons, or markers and get lost in the highly detailed renderings. Color the animals realistically or tap into your impressionistic side and go crazy. Create your own masterpiece, then share it with the world:

Perfect For:

• Children
• Adults
• Families
• Classrooms / Home Schooling
• Senior centers
• Rainy days
• Aspiring artists
• Budding zoologists
• Activity groups
• Outreach events
• Organizations

OddGoods Bundle of Terror black and white puzzle set


These intricately detailed, black and white, 1000 piece puzzles will boggle your mind and challenge your senses.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: E is for Endangered jigsaw puzzles are worthy of any skilled puzzler, these beautiful 1000 piece puzzles are a fantastic test for any puzzling fanatic!

1000 PIECES OF FUN: Challenge your family and friends and provide hours of fun (and maybe a little frustration) piecing these remarkable puzzles together!

BENEFITS OF PUZZLING: Art jigsaw puzzles are an enjoyable and inexpensive way to experience beautiful works of custom art! Improve your hand-eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, and patience piece-by-piece.

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Charities OddGoods supports: WWF, Nature Conservancy, Jane Goodall Institute, Ocean Conservancy, Teton Raptor Center


Your purchase will be supporting the ongoing development of E is for Endangered, wildlife conservation, education, and a passionate, independent artist. I will be donating 5% of OddGoods profits to charity at no additional cost to you.

Cheers, Paul

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