Can You Find The Errors?

Printing didn't go perfectly with this edition, but it doesn't mean it's still not a perfectly good puzzle. There are six (6) minor errors that you would probably never notice if I didn't tell you that they exist—I won't tell you what they are or even where to look for them. 

Find the errors and win discounts on future purchases!

Find 1 error: $1.00 OFF a future puzzle order

Find 2 errors: $3.00 OFF a future puzzle order

Find 3 errors: $6.00 OFF a future puzzle order

Find 4 errors: $8.00 OFF a future puzzle order

Find 5 errors: $10.00 OFF a future puzzle order

Find all 6 errors: $10.00 OFF + a Puzzle Tote

I want to run this contest for as long as I have it in stock, so I have three simple rules:


You must purchase a copy of my Heart Farts (Imperfect) puzzle to play. Submissions for shared puzzles will not be honored.


Please DO NOT share your answers/guesses on social media OR anywhere—I will cancel the contest if I see people sharing answers anywhere in public. I want this to be a fun way for you to potentially get a little extra something out of a great, but not perfect puzzle and for me to sell a product that is just slightly not quite right enough for retail. So please, don't be that person, keep your answers to yourself.


Please use the form → to submit your answers. Do not send me random messages, texts, tweets, or emails—your entry will not be counted. Bookmark this page for convenience.

1 Your Info
2 Your Guesses:

Good Luck! ~Paul