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OddBurton is a one-man illustration studio based in Seattle where its chief penciler, a guy called “Paul”, works tirelessly to create original artwork that causes people to smile.

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OddGoods is OddBurton's online store: you will find unique creative goods for sale that make you smile and allow Paul to continue working as an artist, which makes him smile.

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E is for Endangered is an ongoing passion project of OddBurton's (aka Paul) that is available exclusively through OddGoods. This project makes wildlife everywhere smile.

What Is OddGoods, Really?

OddGoods is a vehicle. A means for me to get my work and my products and my passions out into the world ... so that I can share the best of me with the best of you.

If my work can inspire you to open your world to the creative arts, or better yet, nudge even one kid to take up art as a hobby or a career as an illustrator, zoologist, or conservationist my efforts will have been worth every one of the thousands of hours I've put into my projects.

Or you could simply wear one of my cool-ass t-shirts.

What Is My Mission?

My lifelong ambition and goal has been to find a way to support the preservation of wild animals, habitats, and our stunning natural places.

To that end, I created E is for Endangered. I have one super power and I want to use that gift to create art that I can repurpose for use in educational and creative goods that I can sell to raise awareness of this critical issue. I will be donating a portion of those sales directly to organizations and people who work tirelessly to support endangered wildlife and our environment.

Every Sale = A Donation.

That's right. A portion of every sale of an E is for Endangered product is donated to charity—You have the option to select the recipient from one of six organizations that OddGoods Supports.

There is no added cost to you. Only benefit to beautiful animals and habitats everywhere.

Please, have a look around.

I hope you find something that tickles your fancy so much that you place an order. Either way, please take a moment to share OddGoods with someone you know who loves animals or would find my work irresistible.


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Jigsaw Puzzles | OddGoods
Jigsaw Puzzles
Fit woman with jump rope wearing zebra stripe leggings in gym.
Young woman coloring the Beautiful Birds giant coloring poster.
Giant Coloring Posters
Father and son with two Line Art Coffee Mugs from E is for Endangered on the table.
Line Art Coffee Mugs