My Customers ❤ OddGoods

Don't just take my word for it.
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Beautiful artwork

I love the puzzles! Wonderful artwork that shows a lot of creativity and that also supports a great cause! Paul’s customer service also goes above & beyond, with beautiful packaging to deliver my order and a few special goodies that 100% made my day!

Outstanding Puzzle

All the OddGoods puzzles are super high quality and have great artwork. If you like puzzles you'll love these.

Super-fun puzzle

This was my first OddGoods puzzle and I really like it! I was intimidated by the black and white line drawing puzzles, so I picked this one. I am really happy with the piece fit and the lack of puzzle dust (you never know with a new-to-you brand if it’ll be disappointing—I was really pleasantly surprised!).

Super fun with amazing details!

If you haven’t tried any of OddGoods’s puzzles yet, what are you waiting for?

While this only has a few colors (I think six), the textures of the items differ. So there’s a little learning curve but then it starts to build itself. Highly recommend!

And do you see the details!?

Fabulous puzzle

I really love the puzzles from Oddgoods. This is the 3rd one I have done. The art is unique and funky. Paul, the artist and creator of Oddgoods is a talented person. I will be buying more puzzles.

Spectacularly fun!

How much fun! The gradient background, and the fantastical details made this so enjoyable. Seriously, look at the randomness!

Also it took me a little longer than usual, so I got to enjoy it longer.

Thanks for your glowing review, Rachel! Super happy you enjoyed the puzzle:)

Quokka Mug
Karen wingate
Mug review !

I am pleased with my 11 oz. coffee mugs ,I like the design and size , always a conversation piece !

Coming & Going

Come to ODDGOODS, and GO with a puzzle plus a great shirt! Soft and comfortable…who could ask for more?


I did the PNW puzzle and it was really fun, creative, and great quality. I am from the PNW and I enjoyed seeing the difference symbols and traditions from my home.
I would say it is a medium difficulty puzzle. It’s not so challenging that I felt stuck, but it wasn’t something I flew through either. It was the right amount of difficulty without it being frustrating. I definitely recommend this puzzle.


Sasquatch PNW Shirt

I am totally satisfied with this shirt….the fabric is unbelievably soft and comfortable
along with the design…you cannot tell where it starts or ends. Most often on other shirts I have gotten, the design feels like a chunk of plastic on the shirt. This is not the case and is a welcome surprise. Great work Paul!

Chinchilla Mug
Karen wingate
My new cute mug !!

Too much email !

Thank you, Karen! Curious about the 3-star rating ... What can I do to improve the product or service?

Beautifully illustrated puzzle!

I’m a big fan of line drawing. This puzzle is nicely illustrated with enough pieces to keep me engaged for a while. I plan on buying another for my nieces and nephew to keep them busy.

Animals 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw is not for the faint of heart. I was a bit dismayed after opening the box to find that the pieces were all the same shape. However, not to be deterred, I accepted the challenge. Three weeks later I triumphed. Paul’s art is wonderful, and I encountered in this puzzle animals I had never heard of. For those puzzlers who love a challenge, this is the one.

All the stars

The animals puzzle is beautifully drawn and well crafted. The pieces are wonderfully maddening and click together nicely. Even the box and cloth bag are intentionally designed. I'm in puzzle love!

Thanks for the terrific review, Jen! I'm happy you enjoyed the puzzle:)


I love these stickers! They are the perfect decorations for my puzzle area.

An Assembly of Birds

The Birds puzzle was truly a challenge but a lot of fun to do. It was a terrific exercise in perception: What you end up finding is often much different than what you thought you were searching for. Packaging, canvas bag, and info poster were great enhancements of a great puzzle.

Fun, Vibrant Stickers!

I love this sticker so much - I want to order more and plaster them all over my puzzle board!

Awesome stickers!

Great visuals and excellent quality. I can't wait to find a place to stick them :)

Great Stickers

The media monsters are wonderful and my kids love playing with them.

Hearty Farts Cloud Women's Relaxed T-Shirt
Sue Parnell
Valentine hearts farts shirt

The shirt is so cute and the fabric is soft and comfortable. I’m sure everyone will love it!

Grizzly Bear Mug
Rich Burton
Grizzly Bear Mug

Great size. Beautiful design, as was the case with the other 2 cups.

Gray Wolf Mug
Rich Burton
Wolf Mug

Cool as the hummingbird mug.

Hummingbird Mug
Rich Burton
16 oz Mug

Great mug! The hummingbird is cool and the size allows for a more the adequate cup of tea.

Gift Cards
Rich Burton

Fucking RAW DAWG!!!!

Christmas Done!

Paul these are fabulous! I get gifts every year for three special kids who used to live next door. This year a selection of your coloring posters are perfect for the youngest to the oldest. These kiddos love the outdoors, they care about the environment, and they love learning about animals. So yeah, a big win for my gift choice in 2020. Finally, something was easy this year! Also, the stickers you included are a nice touch. I love stickers and will be keeping one for myself. I can’t wait to deliver the coolest gifts of the year! Lisa in MN

Thank you, Lisa! I hope the kids love the posters and have the happiest of holidays!