Quack! A Fowl Love Story

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Quack! is a charming and award-winning allegory written in rhyming verse about a little girl who struggles to understand the meaning of life and love. She befriends an unusual duck who unexpectedly changes her life.

• 48 pages (24 spreads), 20 illustrations
Available in hardcover, softcover, digital
Inspiration, Self-Help, Relationships
Ages: Despite the illustration style, this story was not written for kids. The themes and concepts are universal. However, if you like to challenge your wee-people to think, with your help, they'll be able to understand the basic concepts.

Written and illustrated by Paul Burton

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Quack!: A Fowl Love Story is an inspirational graphic novel written by Paul Burton. It's the story of Elena, an eight-year-old girl, whose life is lived under a fog of doubt and fear. Everywhere she goes, she carries along that stifling fog. One day, she meets a duck who makes her smile, and suddenly the fog begins to lift. They become the best of friends, and splash and play in the water together. Elena becomes happy for a while, but then her old doubts and fears begin to resurface, and Elena finds herself trapped in the fog again. When she looks for her friend the duck, he's nowhere to be found.

I've been smiling ever since I sat down and read Quack!, Paul Burton's inspirational graphic novel. I loved the pen and ink artwork and designs that adorn each page. There are fabulous curves and scrolling, and the equations Elena uses to try to understand life are very appealing to the techie side of me. While I'm not usually overfond of rhyming stories, Burton's rhymes are playful, flowing and never forced -- and they work brilliantly with the illustrations. I had at first thought that Quack! was a children's book, especially given Elena's age, and I wouldn't hesitate to share it with a child, but it's much more than that. Its gentle, unassuming appeal is meant, I think, for people of all ages, even those who carry about their own fog, or, perhaps, especially for them. Quack!: A Fowl Love Story is marvelous, and it's highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus

Quack! A Fowl Love Story by Paul Burton is one of the most unforgettable and inspiring books I have read in a long time! It is short and simple: children and adults alike will be able to read it, enjoy it, and get something out of it. This is a tale of a very young girl named Elena who is a thinker, and tends to be somewhat over-analytical. One day, she meets a duck with unique looks and personality and soon they become inseparable and the best of friends. However soon after this, Elena’s over-analytical side takes over and she finds herself questioning if they really are true friends and what makes one a true friend. What happens afterwards as she unravels the mystery of life and love is what this book is all about.

Paul Burton has written an outstanding short story in the form of rhymes. Quack! is an allegory of the meaning of life and how life is meant to be lived. It is meant to make each one of us reflect upon what it means to live and love, and to know and understand the only way to truly live. Paul Burton has written Quack! in a simple, poetic way that makes it a joy to read. It reminds me of one of those ancient philosophical books that gives one food for thought, except that Quack! is a much simpler and shorter version of a philosophical book. This is a must-read for everyone and this is one book that I may be reading over and over again.

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon

"Your book Quack!, has greatly helped my own very intelligent 8 year old little girl make sense of her very confusing emotions. She really identifies with Elena and reading Quack! has helped her to gain control over her confusing emotions. I just wanted to say thank you."

~ Adam F

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A Very Special Story.
Thank you Gail! Happy that you enjoyed it:)
Timeless Inspired Classic
A must own!
Quack! Quack!
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